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In the competitive world and competitive changes in IT Market, Sourcing the right resources for right project will make all the difference between success and failure of projects. Our Human Resources consultants have extensive experience in helping companies to overcome the complexities involved in sourcing the right candidate.


Did your company experiences frequent fluctuation in the need for temporary resources? YBR INFOTECHS PRIVATE LIMITED will recognize your need for access to the best available talent and also helps in providing technology focused resources on a contract Basis. Our pool of dedicated professionals is not only experienced in the specific technologies but also is flexible enough to take on your projects at any stage and meet your demands. Hiring individuals on a contract basis not only allows companies to maintain appropriate staff levels but also retain talent, while keeping costs in control. Benefits:

  • No liability insurance, administrative costs like…. Hiring, advertising, recruiting, Payroll, Background Verification and paperwork
  • Reduce employee turnover


  • Low Turn-Around-Time to fulfill your needs.
  • Bench Pool of highly skilled resources to choose from.
  • Pay as you Use option for using resources from YBR INFOTECHS PRIVATE LIMITED facility.
  • Competitive Rate card to help you realize Project Margin Targets.
  • Low attrition rate – 0% Attrition in FY16.


Do you want to check the performance and suitability of a resource prior to make him of permanent?

YBR INFOTECHS PRIVATE LIMITED provides you with the flexibility and the ability to monitor the performance of a consultant for a specified time frame. This gives companies an excellent opportunity to experience the performance, work culture fit and integrity of a candidate before offering a full-time job opportunity.

Benefits for customers of our IT consulting and software outsourcing services are:

Eliminate bad hiring decisions, Evaluate candidate’s work habits, Ensure he/she fits with corporate culture, Our Recruitment Team are highly skilled and agile, who understand your needs for Contract Staff.


Sourcing Right resource to fill your permanent positions can be a complicated and time-consuming process.YBR INFOTECHS PRIVATE LIMITED Human Resources consultants have vast experience and vast network of technical talent that we help identify as a perfect match for your organization. We take the responsibility for screening and recruiting candidates, so that companies can focus solely on their core business.

  • Highly skilled technically educated Recruiters.
  • In-House Profile screening process to ensure the Quality of Sourcing.
  • In-House Technical Panel for generic skills, who screen the resources before we present to Customers.
  • End to End ownership from YBR INFOTECHS PRIVATE LIMITED to drive the Recruitment process from Screening to Onboarding.
  • 1 Lac+ Database of Technical Resources


We do a Pipeline Hiring on a continuous basis on Generic skills and complete the Screening of Resources with respect to Communication Skills, Technical Skills and keep them warm and ready for any suitable requirement of our Customers.

YBR INFOTECHS PRIVATE LIMITED employs hundreds of Recruiters and Account Managers to find you people and make sure that everything runs smoothly. We have branch locations from coast-to-coast, and a National Recruiting Center designed to assist with requests. Our database of candidates is more than 1.8 million strong, and growing. We dedicate staff to high-volume customers, as well as to the most in-demand skills (Java, .NET, SAP, project managers, etc.).

When our Customers give us the Requirements, we source from our screened and suitable resources, which will reduce the efforts of our customers to screen them and improve the % of selection and speed up your hiring process.